1. How long have you been listening to Set It Off?

    I've been listening to Set It Off for 4 years now!

    2. Where did you discover Set It Off?

      My best friend recommended Set It Off to me. She showed me the song 'Why Worry' to help me because I was always such a stress case.

      3. How has Set It Off affected your life?

        Set It Off has impacted so many aspects of my life for the better over the last few years. Their music has helped me become a stronger person and do things that I never would've had the courage to do before. It also helps me vent out all the anger and negative emotions that, without them, I wouldn't know how to express. Their podcasts and sense of humor help me laugh when I'm feeling down and I know I can always count on them to cheer me up. Since the Elsewhere era started, I revamped my whole wardrobe to be Elsewhere themed and I have never felt more confident and comfortable in my own skin; they inspire me to be who I want to be and be the best version of myself.

        4. What was the best Set It Off show you’ve ever been to & why?

        My favorite Set It Off show I've been to was my first SIO show on the Welcome to Elsewhere Tour in LA at the Belasco Theatre. It was easily the best concert I;ve ever been to. Cody's words between songs really resonated with me and changed my life for the better. I felt heard, I felt seen and most importantly I was able to let out so many things I had bottled up inside with the help of my favorite band. That night, during 'Ancient History' I decided to take Cody's advice and stop sleeping with my ex- amazing advice that really did change my life. After the show, Cody came to the barrier and was unbelievably kind, holding my hand, signing my phone and taking a selfie with me. It's an experience I will never forget!

        5. If you could give Set It Off a message - what would it be?

        Thank you for always being yourselves and encouraging your fans to be unapologetically themselves. I can always feel your love and support and want you to know that I reciprocate it, tenfold. Each of you holds such a special space in my life, as does your music. Please continue to do what you do, you're killing it. Love you all!

        6. What’s your favorite Set It Off song?


        7. Any requests/ideas/feedback on the fan club?

        I love seeing all the exclusive photos, but I think it would be awesome if a few photos had a little description or anecdote from the guys to tell us what was happening at that moment! I would also love to see more of the guys playing games like the whisper challenge, mad libs, etc, those are always so good!